Monday May 16th 2016

Carentan 72nd D Day anniversary commemorations

For those visiting Normandy next June, here are the highlights of the Carentan celebrations and celebrations.

Please feel free to ask should you have any questions or inquiries.

Wednesday June 1st : 150 US Servicemen visiting the Carentan battlefields.

Thursday June 2nd : 10 US veterans with The Greatest Generation Foundation at the Carentan City Hall.

Friday June 3rd :
- 10.00 ; Presentation of the battle of Carentan at the City Theater.
-  14.00 : Parachute drops from vintage C-47 over Purple Hearts lane
-  17.00 : Cabbage patch ceremony
-  18.00 Military Parade from the Cabbage patch to the 101st Airborne Monument

Saturday June 4th :
- Carentan Liberty March ; 260 reenactors in the footsteps of the 101st Airborne fights around Carentan
- 16.00 Place de la république : arrival of the march, music and dance…
- 20.00 Dance 1940 ’s style.

Sunday June 5th : US Sports in Carentan. Base ball and US Football initiations to the public, 1940s style.

From May 31st till June 5th, Camp Arizona ; US camp hosting 250 reenactors and over 100 vehicles.

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